Chapter 5: Priority part 1 – Introduction

The topic priority is the widest chapter of this course and includes chapter 5 and 6. Hereby it is important to understand rules and signs. The main rule “priority to the right” is always valid if you don´t have a sign, traffic lights or police officers, which regulate the traffic. The right way to look is important for realize all crossings and their priority rules.

Especially if you are used to the traffic of another country, it is hard to drive through a crossing without to protect yourself with breaking and looking. But this is necessary when you have priority. The risk of collision because of a break at a green light is much higher than a collision with someone who drive over red light.

Exceptions are crossings with priority to right. But there you should just do a short look to left. If you see a car, which is not doing an evidently mistake, you should not stop.

The sign “Give way” doesn´t force you to stop like the “stop sign” if no car with right of way is close. But sure the priority rules for pedestrians and bicycles are still valid.