Thank you for working with DriveLingua learning platform!

We advice, that you start learning on our platform immediately after your registration at your driving school. Two chapters a week are perfect for fast success. If all works well, you should complete all twelve chapters before you start practical training. Before your first practical lesson you should repeat chapter one and two.

After each lessons you should talk with your instructor about the content of your next lesson. Now you can repeat the chapter with that topic before your next driving lesson.

DriveLingua helps you to understand the instructions, but doesn´t take the place of an interpreter. Depending on your German knowledge it can be important to bring someone, who helps you also to understand the explanation of your instructor. I´ts very important to understand your mistakes, so that you can improve your driving and pass the exam at the end of your training. Talk about this option with your instructor, he will give you an advise.

First you need to register at your driving school, if you didn´t do that already. If you are registered at the school, you should ask, if they send your documents to the driver´s license office of your location. If not, you have to do by yourself. You need to bring your registration form, filled out by your driving school, a biometric photograph, a first aid certificate, an eye test for driver license and your passport or ID. If you don´t have a passport or ID bring all your documents, so that nothing is missing.

When registration is done, you should start studying and going to the theoretical lessons as soon as possible, cause you have time for one year to pass the theoretical test. If you can´t do this in a year, you have to apply again. That´s not a big thing, but it costs time and money.

A bigger problem is, when you passed theoretical exam and don´t pass within a year the practical exam. Then you have to renew the theoretical exam. So don´t take too much time.

We hope you enjoy our platform and pass your license as soon as possible. Have fun learning with DriveLingua