Chapter 9: Motorway – Introduction

To drive on a motorway is caused by the high speed dangerous and more risky. It is very important, that you understand the instructions of your driving instructor. The most difficult action is to enter the motorway. You have to accelerate much and you need to take care that nobody gets threaten or hampered.

There is a suggested recommended speed of 130 km/h. If the weather is good and the street is free, you should approximate try to hold it. If possible you should overtake slower cars without losing speed. Overtaking has to be always on the left. After passing you have to go back on the right lane. There is a rule: “Drive on the right!”

Before overtaking you have to clear up, that you have enough space for a lane change. On motorway you make a look to the site instead a look over your shoulder.

When you exit the motorway take care not to break too early. You should not hamper the traffic behind you.